Since I`ve been living in Berlin, I´ve started working on plexiglass, polyvinyl and polymethyl materials.

I´ve been making all kinds of “objects” and inventions-inspired by designs and textures of pages, sheets, and whatever else catches my eye every day. I feel very comfortable with a thin piece of material such as paper or glass usually square.

I am fascinated with the qualities of different materials, whether the absorbency of a surface or the origin of a pigment.

My practice involves the transformation of industrial material plastic to a work of art that invites the viewer to experience into a visual and visceral level, I often start with sketches and models to transform my ideas into something tangible, as the material is heated and its quickly, the working time is brief, so there is a sense of urgency and spontaneity. Each piece is made individually by hand.

 My work is characterized by its aspiration towards emotional detachment, towards antisubjectivity and coldness, proposing a peculiar emphasis on the object and its physicality.

The artistic product is identified with its structure, with elements such as surfaces, materials, shapes, thickness, angles, chromaticism: the result is object.

What I try to achieve is a result of non-expressive art, which is imposed through optical-perceptual messages originating from the dialogue between forms, light and space. The physical object becomes a preponderant element of the work of art: the support, the material, the color, take the place of representation. 

My work is based almost exclusively on the use of solid and essential geometric shapes, on modules that can be repeated and combined in almost infinite realization solutions, often small and medium-sized structures that enhance the estranging effect between reality in which the work is placed and the work itself. However, there are some works that instead seek the opposite effect, namely: the most sculptural installations, on the other hand, tend to occupy the surrounding environment more and more clearly, dialoguing and involving the exhibition space, which becomes an active component of my artistic work.

All the works are characterized by their accentuated executive rigor, are composed with a few geometrically defined elements, adopting an essential lexicon, are presented as a variation of primary elements, pure, simple forms, with a chromatism that often coincides with that of the materials.