Cot is a contemporary abstract artist, living and working in Spain and Portugal.

From a young age she developed an interest in visual arts as a form of expression and self-reflection. She studied French Philology in Madrid and Paris and devoted himself fully to expanding his artistic knowledge in Madrid in El Estudio with painter Soto Mesa and later with Mauricio Lanzillota and Julio Adan. Later in Berlin at the University of Arts and deepened Josef Albers’ color theory in Parsons school New York.

As an abstract artist, she aim to create light, casual and colourful artworks that trigger the viewer a visual stimulation and an ethereal feeling of joy. Her art is an invitation to discover a beauty that blurs the boundaries between the real world around us and what lies deep within ourselves.

When starting the creative process, she likes to sketch out ideas and play with color and design. She begin the process of painting on canvas or wood. She paints horizontally (the canvas is placed on the ground) because she benefit from a proximity that allows her to maintain a close relationship with the work. The orientation of the painting is determined once the work is completed. Her art is animated by this perpetual quest to create vivid light through colour research. She likes to create an harmonious composition with vibrations in the aim to provide positive energy

With wood, she use resin after the paintings are finished. Working with resin requires a certain amount of respect, tenacity, and precision as there are constraints in achieving the desired effect. Multiple coats of resin are applied to each piece. In their final form, these works appear smooth and effortless due to their shine, depth, and texture.

She was chosen as the young better Art when she was 15 and has also been Finalist in XX BMW Art Prize.

Best wine label award caecus8 La Rioja 2017



  • 2011 5-day residency at Orford Ness, Suffolk
  • 2009 2-week residency at Asabi School of Art, Tokyo



  • 2022 Line,Colour and Form, (3-person exhibition), &Gallery, Edinburgh. Scotland
  • 2021 Perceiving Anomalies, Yellow Archangel, General Practice, Lincoln, England
  • 2021 Rock, Paper, Scissors, Houghton Hall, Norfolk, England
  • 2019 La Nacional Gallery NYork US
  • 2019 Creekside Open 2019, APT Gallery, London
  • 2019 The End of Lines, X Marks the Spot, Great Yarmouth
  • The Assemblage NYC US
  • 2017 Art Basel Love Stories, Biscayne Gallery Miami FL US
  • 2016 Casa de vacas Madrid Spain
  • 2015 New Century NYC US
  • 2014 Palazzo Paesana Torino Italia
  • 2014 Of Other Spaces, Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University
  • 2014 Recent Works, Thirteen A Gallery, Norwich (solo exhibition)
  • 2013 WOA Gallery Lisboa Portugal
  • 2012 Regrouping, Bend In The River Gallery, Workstation, Sheffield
  • 2010 We Are What We Do, Stew Gallery, Norwich, UK
  • 2009 Locus, Visions Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (solo exhibition)
  • 2009 Galeria Geraldes da Silva Oporto. Portugal
  • 2009 Galería EME 04 Madrid. Spain
  • 2008 Flecha Madrid. Spain
  • 2008 Digital Eyes Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, USA
  • 2007 Siggraph 2007, Global Eyes, San Diego, USA
  • 2007 Casa de vacas. Madrid. Spain
  • 2006 Unsern Nachbarn, Haus Metternich, Koblenz, Germany
  • 2006 Proof, Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff, Wales
  • 2005 Galeria G40 Cadiz. Spain
  • Casa de vacas. Madrid. Spain
  • 2005 Galeria Castillo Santa Clara. Cádiz. Spain